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When my father passed away in 1995, my mother who was 59 years old was now alone, facing life's challenges by herself with the question of “What do I do now?” Fortunately, I am close enough that I was able to step in and help her make decisions about the house, life insurance and other financial matters that she always shared with my father. I was not yet in this business, so we met with a gentleman, who was very sensitive to her emotional state and her financial needs. I didn't want my mother investing with someone who would take advantage of her. I wanted a financial planner who would treat her as if she was his own mother.

That is the way I try to treat each individual investor, as if he or she was the only one in the world. Each person's situation needs to be looked at uniquely. A cookie cutter approach is not what you will get in my office. I vow to treat each person as if they were my own mother.

Timothy J. Heisterkamp, CFP®





Near the end of my junior year of high school a local financial planner came into my class to talk about the world of investing. He talked about the time value of money and showed by investing how much your money can potentially grow over time. I was blown away by all the things we were being told. I walked out of that class thinking to myself “I want to do what that guy does”. That local financial planner was Tim Heisterkamp. That day my passion for investing and financial planning started and I have never looked back since. 

I later attended Iowa State University where I graduated with degrees in Finance and Financial Counseling & Planning. While attending ISU, I had the opportunity to intern at Journey Financial as well as with a financial planning firm located in West Des Moines.   

After graduation, I worked for a life insurance company as a Life Insurance & Annuity Product Analyst. While there, I gained valuable financial services industry experience and I completed my Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) designation.

Now, back at Journey Financial, I'm excited to be officially working alongside Tim, the man who helped me develop this passion, and to apply my education and previous experience to serve my home community.

Max Neese, CFP®